Markey Weatherspoon

Creator & Owner

Markey Weatherspoon, creator and owner of Simply Marcuz Cosmetics, has over 20 years of professional makeup experience, from stage to television to print. As a stage 4 lymphoma cancer survivor, keeping skin healthy during the process of chemo is very important, and not finding products that could be worn during procedures was difficult. That's why I created a line that would be beneficial for all skin types, both women and men—a skin care line that uses botanical ingredients to benefit the skin and improve well-being.

After being in the business for years and being asked time and time again because of my keen eye for color, my ability to pair up the right texture for certain skin types, and my sheer love for the business, I decided after battling cancer to start my own vegan organic cosmetic and skin care line. And have a forum for artists alike to come together and share, and have a roster of artists for hire for freelance events and classes.

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