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Top New organic vegan cruelty free Makeup and Skin Care

Welcome to Simply Marcuz Cosmetics, your one-stop destination for organic, vegan, and cruelty-free makeup and skincare products . As the passionate owner and operator, I am committed to providing high-quality, ethically sourced cosmetics that cater to a wide range of beauty needs. My popular offerings include ...

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How Simply Marcuz Cosmetics Started

Simply Marcus Cosmetics is owned by a professional makeup artist with over 20 years of experience in stage, print, and television. As a cancer survivor, I started my company with the vision that it would be a company that served people of all skin tones and all skin types. A vegan, organic, and cruelty-free line ...
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Why choose Simply Marcuz Cosmetics

Simply Marcuz cosmetics is a multicultural multi-use cosmetic and skin care line for all skin tones all ages all genders. (SMC) is a well thought out and creatively in tuned cosmetic and skin care line to suit the needs of the professional makeup artist as well as the everyday person .

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One word, Opulent!!! The luxurious, and richness of these products are AMAZING!! I purchased the Cocoa Puff, and Lalique Lip Gloss, and I love it!! It ...Read more

Mar 11, 2024
Adrian Williams


  • Vegan Products
  • Cruelty-Free Tests
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